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Glacier National Park LbNA #70183

Owner:FinA Adventurers Contact
Plant date:Jun 19, 2016
City:West Glacier
Location: Glacier National Park
Found by: Angel Winks
Last found:Aug 20, 2017
Last edited:Jun 19, 2016
Once you travel into Glacier National Park, turn right and head towards Lake Macdonald on Going to the Sun Road... After traveling past the lake and the lodge you will see a road North MacDonald Road... Take a left here - you will travel approx 1/2 on paved road and then will see a small sign that alerts of 'dead end road' and you will also see the Trout Lake Trail is 1 mile further... continue up this dirt road 1 mile until you come to the Trout Lake Trailhead - this is where you will want to park... From the road counting approx 37 steps up the trail you will come to another small trail sign on your left next to a larger boulder... behind this rock is your surprise burried under rocks and pieces of bark!! Please recover well when finished!

*if you're the lucky first finder of this box, you might just get an extra little surprise ;)
*and don't forget to watch out for that "Glacier Grizzly" hiding around the area as well

Have a blast adventuring!
F'inA Adventurers

Hike length: 0.1 miles