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MT Mini Madness #3 LbNA #70167

Owner:FinA Adventurers Contact
Plant date:Jun 17, 2016
Location: Harry Horn Park
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jun 17, 2016
This box is located in the Harry Horn Park (Day use area)... Just before you enter into Wayfares State Park, take an immediate left into the parking area... To the left of the Ranger Station you see a small play area and this is where you can find the start of this trail... You are going to continue up this beautiful little trail till you come to a "Y"...this is where you will take a right (you should also see trail marker signs here to help guide you UP the trail)... From the start of this "Y" count your steps uptil you reach 133... *If you lost count, no worries, you should've just taken a right-handed sharp switchback going uphill and should be looking at a large tree with 2 boulders at the base... In between these two boulders the envelope is hidden in the crack behind a rotted piece of log!!

*please recover VERY GOOD... this is a busy trail at times and this is IN SIGHT ;)

Best of Luck and have a Blast Adventuring!!
F'inA Adventurers