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MT Mini Madness #2 LbNA #70155

Plant date:Jun 16, 2016
Location: Kay Beller Park
Planted by:FinA Adventurers
Found by: Dawgdok
Last found:Jun 15, 2018
Last edited:Jun 17, 2016
At 2nd Street & Miles Ave (before you cross the river..) There is a set of stairs to the right of the bridge... Go down these stairs and count 5 posts between the retaining wall and a small bush/tree, under a pile of rocks you will find the box!!

*You can also park at the Senior Center/ Kay Beller Park (121 2nd street)... take the paved trail north to a wooden walkway path under the bridge... Here you will come to and small "overlook deck"... at the end of the metal railing to the right is a small tree and the retaining wall!!

Best of Luck & Have fun Adventuring!!
F'inA Adventurers

Hike length: 0.1 miles