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Recreating and Aviating in Delta LbNA #70081

Plant date:Jun 7, 2016
Location: Delta State Recreation Site
City:Delta Junction
County:Southeast Fairbanks
Planted by:Ladybug Kids
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jun 12, 2016

Take first turn east south of "RichHwy #267." Follow the "frontier fence" to the next left, and find passage over/through the barrier. Line up on the southern double posts and find the cylindrical container hidden within the boundary in a winter friendly way on an evergreen adjacent to a deciduous one. The pig stamp acknowledges Delta's agricultural heritage. A stamp pad is not provided due to below freezing temperatures during most of the year.

This letterbox is cross-listed as a geocache on, GC6KECK. The geocache is placed within compliance with the Alaska State Parks blanket permit.