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Bumblebee at Mesa Butte LbNA #70012

Owner:CarrieOnThePrairie Contact
Plant date:May 28, 2016
City:Millarville, AB
County:Alberta, CAN
Location: Mesa Butte Equestrian Campground
Found by: AmongThePines
Last found:Jul 18, 2016
Last edited:May 29, 2016
This letterbox is accessible year-round - although please use judgment in current weather conditions.

Head west from the hamlet of Millarville, AB, on Hwy 549. After a few miles, you'll see signs for Hwy 762 (which goes to Bragg Creek). 8 km after you cross Hwy 762 you'll find Mesa Butte Equestrian Campground.

After Hwy 762, you will pass the following:
Quirk Creek Gas Plant on your right.
When the road turns to gravel, bear right.
North Fork campground on your left.
Ware Creek day use area on your left.

Take the second entrance for the Mesa Butte Equestrian Campground (which will be on your left). You'll immediately cross over a cattle guard and then turn right, which will take you past a bathroom and a really nice horse pavilion.

Turn right just after the horse stalls and park your vehicle. On foot, head down toward the creek on the gravel path. Watch for horse piles!

Just before you pass through the gate, look to your left and notice a mossy slope. Head up this slope into the trees. Curve around to the right, along the cusp of a washout, keeping the pile of driftwood on your right.

I had to cross under a fallen tree and then step over another fallen tree, but be advised that natural place markers often change over time. These trees might have decayed by the time you get there. But if you keep bearing right along the edge of the little washout, you'll arrive to a place where you're walking on large boulders in the ground. Locate the little pile of river rocks that hide the Bumblebee.

After stamping, please re-deposit securely under heavy rocks. Feel free to add more heavy rocks! I'm worried about washout. Thanks!

Hike length: 0.1 miles