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Where Eagles Fly 2 LbNA #70010

Owner:blacksheep 1&2
Plant date:May 24, 2016
Location: Goldwater Lake
Found by: blacksheep 1&2 (2)
Last found:Oct 27, 2016
Last edited:Oct 31, 2016
Hand carved stamps Drive by
$3.00 fee. Free on Wednesday

From the courthouse square drive east on Gurley to Senator Hwy. aka Mount Vernon ave. A sign shows the way to Sen. Hwy. Turn right for about 3 miles and look to your right for a turn out. Park and look for trail head 330. From the entrance follow the path around the 1/2 circle for about 90 steps. On the left is an old dead log just before the trail bends. The box is behind and under a pile of rocks.

Box 2 re-located on 10/24/16.

For box 2 turn right to the entrance of Goldwater Lake and follow the road to the parking area. Follow around until you see a road heading right. Go to the end, past the lime green play park and timbers on wheels parking stops to "Lake View Ramada". From the corner, facing the rest rooms, look NNE to a cluster of rocks with 15 ft. tree in the center. To the right of the tree under debris and rocks with a flat rock on top is the box. A quiet weekday morning when planted, but probably busy at times. Please re-bag as found and let us know the condition.

Hike length: 0.1 miles