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Desert Queens of the Silver Screen LbNA #69673

Owner:Martini Man Contact
Plant date:Mar 1, 2016
Found by: Martini Man (5)
Last found:Oct 17, 2018
Last edited:Oct 18, 2018
Distance - Loop for 4.4 miles. Allow 3 - 4 hours, depending on your speed. It’s the desert, take PLENTY of water!

Terrain – Rolling Sonoran desert. No significant uphills although there will be a little ups and downs. Poles optional.

Elevation Gain – 277 ft.

Elevation Change – 138 ft.

No Restrooms.

Last Checked: 17-October-2018

I’m a movie producer and, so far, I’ve gotten a comedy off the ground. But we are attempting to foray into other genres and, if you’ve been watchful about earlier expeditions, we can come up with a bunch of male leads to fill out the cast. But a male lead needs a beautiful AND talented female star to act alongside him and we have no one as of yet. Fortunately I know where we can find a bunch of them!

So come along with me to retawteewS evreserP. My ever attentive talent scout tells me we need to park in the lot and proceed up the trail to a sign. From here we tromp off to the left at the split. Apparently there’s a lot of walking involved here, so when we reach a Y in our path, we hang left again on the odarepseD. After some trekking we should come to ANOTHER Y and hang yet ANOTHER left.

Now the notes say we are getting close to our first recruit. At a sign, we stop and take a gander at 130 degrees. Walking forty-three steps to a Palo Verde (there’s LOTS around this neck of the woods) behind a cholla, we should spot a stone pile constructed just for our first star!

“The story of my life is about back entrances, side doors, secret elevators and other ways of getting in and out of places so that people won't bother me.”

Poor thing. We’ll have to take extra care of her.

Returning to the sign, we should be now heading northeast. At the next intersection we stay straight on odarepseD. Continuing on, we should go through a hairpin turn. As we get closer to our next star, we should hit another hairpin. At the apex of this turn, we need to stop and look 260 degrees. Stepping out twenty-eight times, we ought to be landing on a rocky cairn situated by a bush. An ocotillo should be also nearby on the left. Checking out the cairn, we find our next cast member!

“If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.”

This is my kind of gal!

Returning to our main pathway, we continue on for a while to a new sign. Hmm, I think we had best go down that side trail from the sign for sixty steps. We would be even with a large Palo Verde, if all is correct. From here I see we should sight 20 degrees and take fifty steps past a dead saguaro to two Palo Verdes, one large and one small. Our next luminary should be residing underneath the larger one under another of those stony stacks.

“I leave before being left. I decide.”

Whoa! Careful here! This is a touchy one.

Back to the sign and the main trail. Again we will be moving on for a while, but soon we’ll need to be alert after going up along a ridge past a sharp right turn thru a wash with rocks. After crossing an old road, we will come across a saguaro spear on the right and one on the left. From the left spear we need to sight 220 degrees and take thirty-three steps to a Palo Verde. Going twelve more steps along same bearing to a second Palo Verde and we should locate our fourth femme fatale.

“Who said nights were for sleep?”


Back we go to the main trail. At the next intersection we take a right and go straight thru the next intersection. At the third intersection we take a right. At the fourth intersection, let’s hold up and take another gander at my location map. Okay, let’s retrace our way for forty-four steps. On the right we should spot an ocotillo and we SHOULD have our last female lead!

“H is for Hardware store: I'd rather go to the hardware store than the opera. And I like the opera.”

She sounds practical!

We’re done! Go back to the last intersection and following the main trail we should return to where we left our vehicle.

I’m not from the area, so updates on this expedition would be greatly appreciated.

Hike length: 3-5 miles