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Gowdy's Light LbNA #69633

Owner:Silversong Contact Inactive
Plant date:Dec 17, 2015
Location: 345 E Main St, Tustin, CA 92780
Found by: Kelsung
Last found:Jan 15, 2016
Last edited:Feb 23, 2016
The Tustin Library

Hours: Sun 12-5, Mon-Thur 10-9, Fri-Sat 10-5
Closed Holidays

The Tustin Historical Society states "in 1931, Mrs. Hazel Gowdy, wife of a Tustin orange grower, was hired as the first librarian."

I am dedicating this plant to the kind and knowledgeable librarians of the city of Tustin . My family has used this library for almost 25 years. These hard working people have facilitated chocolate themed parties for the end of school finals, holiday parties, music recitals, adult and child reading contests with awards, Author talks, Language classes, computer classes (Even for the aged), movies for children and others for adults, and story time for younger children. That is all I can remember, but I am sure there is more. I have never had to pay for these programs, just sign up.
If you heard of a good book and all you know is that it's cover is blue, just ask and they will try and help you find it - And all with patience and a smile. Ask me how I know.

Walk west to the Magazines.
Look to the north wall, and high up on the wall is a sign indicating where the Periodicals are. If you stand with your back facing the north wall, while underneath the Periodical sign, you will see a book shelf directly in front of you.
With the magazine shelves on your right and fiction on your left, walk to the second set of the bookshelves. Do not cross the aisle.
Underneath the second shelf, up from the bottom, you will find Gowdy's Light.

Please be discreet. The staff and employees, who were quite enthusiastic with the idea, are not aware of this plant. I tried to get permission for 3 months, only to be told "the potential legal ramifications are being discussed at the main library headquarters". Since it has only been 3 months, I expect the answer in 5 years.

Hike length: 0.1 miles