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Watson Lake View LbNA #69508

Owner:cezannie Contact
Plant date:Jan 21, 2016
Location: North of Lake Watson
Found by: 66gypsies
Last found:Oct 15, 2017
Last edited:Jan 22, 2016
Lake Watson View LB
An easy walk into the Dells.
Drive North on 89 from the Courthouse. Turn right at Prescott Lakes Parkway. Go over bridge and turn left
right after bridge. About 300 ft. turn left into the “Peavine Trail” parking lot. It costs $2 unless it's Wednesday.
Walk North on the Peavine Trail which used to be a railway. Walk, with Watson Lake on your left, 1 mile.
Relish the bird life.
At the mile mark turn left onto the lake trail, cross the 2 railroad tie bridge and follow the white dots. There is an alternative trail if the lake is high. Follow the trail markers. You will pass the “Sit....” bench and, on the left, a dead Pinion pine tree.
Just before the trail begins to go up, on your left, just past a 6' bush, turn left, go up the stair-like rock about 6-8 steps, step to the left to the next rift and continue up to the top leaving an old Scrub oak and an egg shaped boulder on your right.At the top will be a large Scrub oak. turn left and descend leaving a small oak and a squat, split boulder on your left. Turn left onto a flatish area spreading to the west. The Letterbox is 8 steps along the grassy area, under a ledge on your left.
Enjoy the view.
Beware of other hikers. Be subtle and careful of varmints.

Hike length: 1-2 miles