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Geta-These Shoes are Made for Walking?? LbNA #69488

Owner:shooting starz
Plant date:Dec 7, 2015
Location: White Point Nature Center & Preserve 1600 W Paseo Del Mar
City:San Pedro
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Fiddler of the Edema Ruh
Last found:Feb 13, 2023
Last edited:Dec 10, 2015
This stamp has traveled a long distance to find a permanent home after starting it’s journey at the Fall Folk Festival Event held in Wisconsin in October 2015.

This was not the location I originally envisioned this Letterbox to be planted in California, but after visiting this area and learning the history, it seemed the perfect spot for this letterbox to call home.

To find this box, take a walk from the Nature Center taking the trail heading NW. Follow the trail passing “sunny #9”, and then take a moment to read the interpretive sign on the R regarding the “Generation Not Forgotten”. At the intersection, head N and continue, passing a small bunker on the L. At the T, turn L, and then very shortly after, ignore the trail on R, and then quickly R at the Y. Follow the trail up, up, up, until you find a place to rest. Take a break and enjoy the view- Now looking behind you to the NW, you will see 7 green H2O markers. From the smallest round marker, walk 4 steps at 90 degrees to a native bush. Your Geta await you at the base, in the center, under a SPOR.

Please re-seal and re-hide box well, I’m sure this is a popular spot! Any help with box maintenance would be greatly appreciated since I call Wisconsin home- Thanks!

Hike length: 1 mile