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Feathers n Finns LbNA #69411

Owner:Mz Feathers n Finns Contact
Plant date:Nov 15, 2015
Location: Angel Crest Lane
Found by: Team JSABAIL
Last found:Apr 8, 2016
Last edited:Nov 15, 2015
First you must find a lovely little town in middle TN called Tullahoma! Now get out your maps, gps or smart phones and type in or look for Ovoca Road. This is a key to the directions. A tiny little street called Fort St. is where it begins. Travel 1.9 miles on Ovoca and then make a gentle left onto Riley Creek Road toward Normandy lake. Continue on Riley Creek for 1.1 mile to a Lane called Emmett Stone(dead end) This is easy to miss, so be on the lookout. Turn left on Emmett Stone Lane. You will pass 2 mobile homes on the left, and one pretty brick home with a large oak tree in the middle of the yard. Travel length of the brick home property about 400 feet and you will see Angel Crest Lane on your left. This is a private road in a rural area, but no one will mind you pulling over on the side of the road. On the corner of the brick home property you will see a small white wicker and glass table sitting with a Sunflower and an angel in it. The box is very obvious, as this is private property. Please sign and replace in our peaceful neighborhood. This Feather n Finz mom will appreciate it. Total miles from Ovoca to Angel Crest 3.08 about 10 minutes .

Hike length: 0.1 miles