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Ghosts of Galster LbNA #69343

Plant date:Oct 28, 2015
Location: Galster Park
City:West Covina
County:Los Angeles
Planted by:WafflesParty
Found by: JampersandJ (2)
Last found:Mar 29, 2016
Last edited:Dec 1, 2015
I hid a geocache in this park last month called Ghosts of Galster (GC62RRN). Shortly afterwards, I learned Earlgrey had a retired box with a similar name. I decided to hide a series here that most geocachers wouldn't be sensitive to.

Park at Galster and Aroma. Green pixel - P5455320
Red, blue, orange or pink ink if you're picky. Fruits included if you fancy.

Head east from parking lot to the dirt trail. Rocks on left and hillside to right. Continue to learn about Walnut Forest and Toyon. Some lessons have been lost in time. Pass water valve and metal box - don't mess with the pipes unless you're an Italian plumber. Continue south up the cement path. Approach the haunted castle to the right. Hide behind castle wall and check the light brown metal box. Under and up. On top of lip.

Blockhead Charlie
Exit the tower gates the way you entered and continue south uphill on dirt trail. Pass the graffiti'd metal box. You'll soon reach a 4 way intersection in the trail. Go straight. Pass the dead trees, you'll find a lone surviving tree up against the fence. Blockhead Charlie's costume was so terrible he only received rocks while trick or treating. You'll find him hiding under a SPOR. (This box is also available on geocaching as a letterbox hybrid- GC65ZK7.)

**You can pause to grab the geocache on the eastern path or continue to the next box**

The Spirits Three
Head back down the hill. As you reapproach the haunted castle, there will be a dirt path to your right. You may cut through there or continue down the cemented path. Once down o the flat dirt path, you'll head south towards P50094. Follow curve and learn about Western Poison Oak and Blue Elderberry. The path will curve left but you continue straight. Pass the benches. Don't worry about climbing up the wilderness. Pass the playground. Next to fence, The Spirits Three linger in the shade of the multi truck tree.

Hike length: 1-2 miles