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Hanging Rock LbNA #69231

Plant date:Sep 27, 2015
Planted by:RiverRoad Contact Inactive
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jul 5, 2016
Use the west entrance of the Swan River Nature Trail. Walk almost exactly .5 miles. If you reach the .5 mile sign, you have gone too far. The trail is kinda steep at the beginning but it will take you down the bank to a large rock that hangs out over the river. Letter Box should be around the area.

There are two trees growing right next to each other. The letterbox is under a piece of wood right next to the trees on the east side of the steep walking trail. If you stand on the big rock and face AWAY from the river, the letterbox is to your right a few paces uphill from the rock.

The location is almost exactly 1/2 mile from the west gate of the Nature Trail. It is NOT the popular "Big Rock" located around 1 mile.

The box is 4X5 tupperware. It is set beside two trees growing together just uphill from the rock to the East of the foot trail. Make sure and put your stamp and sign your name.

The link is a photo of the trailhead (right hand side). Note the .5 mile marker in the distance (East of the trailhead)

48°03'48.5"N 114°03'36.5"W

Hike length: 0.5 miles