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Big Mountain Summit LbNA #69034

Plant date:Aug 21, 2015
Location: summit of big mountain
Planted by:moose-i dangerous-i Contact Inactive
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Aug 21, 2015
Enjoy a very scenic ride up the gondola or chair lift to the Summit of Big Mountain at whitefish mountain resort. After exiting the lift platform, ( the summit house will be on your far right), turn left. . Walk towards the BLACK BEAR RUN sign. once you are at the sign, turn around and walk back ( retrace your steps) 14-15 grown up steps or about 19 kid steps. You will see a tree stump on your left. Walk around the stump; behind some rocks and partially under the stump you will find the BOX. Be sure to enjoy the view of the mountains and beautiful whitefish lake from the summit of Big Mountain.