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On the way to Wingo LbNA #69011

Owner:the lazy letterboxer
Plant date:Aug 13, 2015
Location: Larson Family Winery
Found by: Traveln Turtle
Last found:Aug 21, 2016
Last edited:Oct 5, 2015
Even though this is a short walk, please wear sturdy shoes or sneakers.

Find Larson Family Winery on Millerick Road in Sonoma. Park at or near the tasting room. Find the not-so-wild animals caged across from the tasting room. Nearby is a sign pointing to various sights in the area. Find the direction to Wingo...which is reputed to be a ghost town! Start on your way to Wingo. Go past grapevines and through a gate of some sort. The road will be rocky underfoot due to a washout that occurs in rainy season. You will come to a big pile of debris blocking the path. Go over or around it...going under it is not recommended. Once past that, the walk gets smoother. Go straight for awhile. When the road curves left look for a large Black Walnut tree that overhangs the road. The trunk of that tree is approximately 10 feet off the path. Look for a large stump in front of the trunk. The treasure you seek is behind that stump.
Good job, pardner!
Go back the way you came or continue on to check out what remains of Wingo. It is a 6 mile round trip from the tasting room. Please be aware that there is someone who lives in one of the abandoned buildings.
If you decide to partake in a tasting session, which costs $10.00, you will learn the history of the property that the winery is located on.