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First aid neededSPORT Gray LbNA #68336

Owner:neighborhood scout Contact
Plant date:Apr 21, 2015
Location: Newbridge on the Charles
Found by: Evandnicky
Last found: Mar 18, 2023
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 13, 2021
This letterbox has been planted in honor the memory of our beloved, marvelous, once intrepid relative, SEPG!
The SPORT Gray letterbox can be found on the gracious and gorgeous grounds of Newbridge on the Charles.

A. Drive into Newbridge on the Charles/onto Newbridge Way. B. Continue down the Newbridge Road until you see in front of you a stone wall announcing Dr. Miriam and Sheldon Adelson Campus.
C. Turn left. At the next stop sign turn right.
D. The Rashi School will be on your left
E. Drive by the large playful sculpture of 2 children and 2 adults on your right.
F. Pass by a small brick building on your left.
G. The Kottler Community Garden/Center will soon be on your left.

1. Begin your adventure by standing under the wooden pergola just to the right of the Kottler Community Garden.
2. Walk down the short gravel path.
3. At the T intersection, take a left.
4. Continue on this path straight towards the woods (NOT towards the Rashi School)
5. Then follow the path to the right.
6. Enjoy the marvel of a large fallen log on your right.
7. Journey forth towards the wooden rail fence.
8. Turn to the right.
9. Enjoy the Pines that almost form a splendid archway!
10. Pass a wooden bench on your right.
11. The path will eventually lead to a large soccer field. Wooden benches will greet you on both sides of the path.
12. Turn left.
13. Follow the path as it veers to the left and curves away from the soccer field.
14. Spy the river up ahead to your left!
15. Ahead to your far left is a lovely wooden gazebo.
16. Note on your right, a stand of handsome trees.
17. A cluster of 5 grand trees holds a huge tree trunk laying horizontally between the trees' trunks!
19.At the bases of these 5 trees where their trunks come close together there are long dead branches and some pieces of bark.
20. Walk around the backside of this cluster of 5 large lofty trees.
21. Fix your gaze on base of the trees in this cluster, that are closest to the soccer field fence.
22. Carefully remove the branches and the pieces of bark: for hidden hopefully under a protective cover of dead leaves, the SPORT Gray letterbox awaits your gaze and attention!