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The Pi-Thon Problem LbNA #68194

Plant date:Mar 14, 2015
Location: Murphy Ranch Park
County:Los Angeles
Found by: JampersandJ
Last found:Apr 26, 2015
Last edited:Mar 14, 2015
Pete the Python comes across a 10” diameter “Critter Exercise Ball." Inside the ball is a sleeping hamster, curled up in a 2” diameter ball. Pete can’t pass up the opportunity, so he swallows the hamster whole! Afterwards, Pete is feeling a bit sleepy, and decides that the Exercise Ball is the perfect place to take a nap. Can Pete fit completely inside the ball, or will part of him stick out? Pete is 4 feet long, and his average circumference is 6 inches. You will need an answer to continue.

If yes, he can fit, after parking your car head straight past the picnic tables on the wide, flat dirt path.
If no, part of him will stick out, after parking your car take a right just after the picnic tables and begin heading up hill.

Then take the next trail on the right just before a green python colored trashcan on the left side.

At the next fork it's decision time again, do you head...
Which one would give me a rational number as an answer?

Straight at the fork (Radical 25)
Turn right at the fork (Radical 35)

You should notice the ravine and stream below you as you hike on.

Then at the next fork, it's decision time again, do you turn...
Which one would give me a positive number as a solution?

Left at the next fork (-9 X 90)
Right at the next fork (-9 X -90)

Another fork, decision time again, do you turn...
Which number is irrational?

Left at the fork (Pi)
Right at the fork (3.14)

Continue up the trail a short ways to a tree on the left side. Follow the trident trunk down to the base on the side opposite the trail. Look under debris and leaves for Pete.