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Watermelon Thump LbNA #68165

Owner:Silver Eagle Supporter Verified
Plant date:Mar 5, 2015
Location: City Cemetery
Found by: Texas Wanderers
Last found:Nov 19, 2017
Last edited:Mar 5, 2015
Terrain Difficulty: Easy (flat, 50 yards RT)
Recommended Ink: red & green
Status: alive

In 1954, a school principal named Hermon Allen proposed the idea of a celebration to promote the Luling watermelon market and honor the growers. It was named the Watermelon Thump and has been held the last full weekend in June ever since. There are many fun activities, including: contests for seed spitting and melon eating, a parade and fun run, and an award for the largest watermelon. It is held at Thump Pavilion in downtown Luling, but you can find this box at the nearby City Cemetery.

From I10 go northwest on Hwy 183 about 3 miles and turn left into first entrance to Luling City Cemetery. Drive about 100 yards and park by Berry bench on the right.

Walk left (opposite bench) 30 steps to large multi-trunk cedar behind left side of Hall stone. Letterbox is within trunks on left side under rocks and needles.