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Container and Contents LbNA #67732

Owner:Phi Contact
Plant date:Oct 5, 2014
Location: 111 Goodwin
Found by: SoMoLO
Last found:Jan 10, 2015
Last edited:Oct 5, 2014
There is an old story about how wonderful wine is still wonderful wine whether it is in a plain ceramic cup or a fine crystal glass. This simple truth is the first clue to finding the location of this letterbox. In 1887 the Denman Creamery was built on the edge of Penngrove CA at 111 Goodwin Ave. After many years this building fell into disuse. About 20 years ago the building was resurrected as a winery and became Eagle Ridge Winery. This business also came to an end and the building was left empty until a young man, PW Scoggins, envisioned a new life for the property and for his own winery.

To appreciate this new winery it is best to find the tiny address sign 111 Goodwin,drive up the steep gravel driveway and then take a right into the parking lot in front of the old creamery’s large sliding door.

Now if you happen to be there during regular hours 12PM -5PM weekends then don’t hesitate to go into the small door next to the big sliding door and work your way down the stairway. There you’ll find a smiling chap named PW (short for Paul-William). He will offer you some wine but more importantly he’ll give you some precious conversation because understanding anything brings a higher level of appreciation. Now just as the ceramic cup may be beguiling and unassuming so is the Scoggins Winery. To get your clue and to find the letterbox ask PW if he can tell you the difference between the “container and the contents”.