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Short walk to sunshine LbNA #67307

Plant date:Jul 15, 2014
Planted by:AdventureGirlzzz
Found by: Nature Hikers
Last found:Dec 8, 2015
Last edited:Jul 15, 2014
Nestled in the foothills near a street whose name puts local ice cream in mind (also near an erector-set bridge), you'll find a sweet little park with a path dedicated to a staunch parks supporter. Sadly, Mrs. Kane is gone, but her legacy lives on through the path you'll be walking.

To find our letterbox, head to the head and amble down the path. When you see your first little grove, go into the weeds seeking 2 side by side tubes (fairy tunnels perhaps?). This time, right is wrong. Look into the tube. You'll find what you seek on the wilder side of things.