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Winged Rock LbNA #66539

Plant date:Feb 25, 2014
Location: Constelltion Trail
Found by: Flyin Free
Last found:Jul 20, 2017
Last edited:Dec 27, 2015
“Winged Rock” Letterbox
Constellation Box #3
Placed February 25th, 2014 Replaced 12/26/15
By Cezannie / Prescott, AZ

Go to the Phippen Art Museum on Rt. 89 out by the airport.
Park in the upper lot and proceed to the trail at the bottom of the hill.
Go under the highway and continue straight past the remainder of the plane,
on your right, that crashed nearby.
Continue winding through the magnificent Emory Oak forest
until you cross a dry wash and come suddenly to granite rock
outcropping on your right.

Just a few steps from the start of the rock you will see
a 4 FT. tall scrub oak on your right. Turn right off the trail onto "the "Ham & Cheese" trail.
Walk toward your right, down a slight incline to the dirt trail, follow the dots..

Count 46 steps to a stately old & giant grandfather Pinion pine on your left.
Count 24 more steps crossing a low granite flow across the trail.

On your left is a brush pile. Look across the pile to see the “”Winged Rock”.
Why is it curved?

Turn around and go back, go over the rock on the trail and turn right.
Go up the rift at 280 degrees West 13 steps as you face the Flying Rock.
Stop, turn around and go 3 steps back. On your right will be a 4 FT. high
slab of rock covered with lichen. In the cleft behind the rock will be the
Please be careful of varmints and please cover the box well when done.

If there are any questions or the box has disappeared, please contact me @