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Arithmomania LbNA #66205

Plant date:Nov 12, 2013
Location: Murphy Ranch Park
County:Los Angeles
Found by: MrOspital (2)
Last found:Mar 28, 2015
Last edited:Nov 12, 2013
Today's a day for recognizing order amid the onslaught of chaos, or for having a memorable wedding date.
It's 11-12-13. And if you believe in making moments count, this morning offered two special ones as well: 8:09:10 11-12-13, taking this down to the second, and 9:10 11-12-13, which will last for a whole minute.

Okay so I'm not obsessed with patterns and mathematics, but I had to plant a box for today. The fact that there won't be a 13-13-13 shows we're near the end of a period with frequent numerologically curious date patterns, because no longer can the year match the month. Last year had not only 10-11-12 but 12-12-12, a triple that won't happen again till the first day of the next century.

Next year will have the last sequential date, 12-13-14, till 01-02-03. (Go by European notation, putting the date first, and Dec. 11 -- also written 11-12-13 -- will mark the end of that sort of sequential pattern this century.) Oh, there will still be quadruples every 11 years (2-2-22 is next), and yearly doubles (1-3-13), but they lack the proper symmetry factor.
Also a couple of extra-special Pi Days are coming, though, where the year comes into play. They are 3-14-15 - matching the mathematical constant's first five digits - and 3-14-16, which is closer to its actual value of 3.14159 etc.

A yearly series of countdowns by ones ended with 12-11-10, and palindrome fans, who had their heyday from 11-11-11 to 11-22-11 a couple of Novembers ago, will have to settle for the strained likes of 4-1-14 or 02-11-20 until next century.
And after next year, you'll have to wait until 1:02 03-04-05 to again include hours and minutes. Patterns can always be found, of course. 11-22-33 will actually be the first such triple double date this century.
Planted on 11/12/13
Head east along wide dirt trail past the map keeping the culvert on your left. (I think I saw a chipmunk scurry up the hill to the right.) Eventually you will come to a large boulder on the right near a tree. From there look for a pine to the right of the trail heading down into the culvert) Look behind it under debris.
Planted on 3.14
Continue up the high road passing an upright cylinder chained to a tree. The equation soon takes a sharp right through some swtichbacks to a metal quadrilateral embedded in the trail. Head left on a small ray headed NE past a large Eucalyptus, staying above the creek to the left. When you come to the quadrilateral prisms used to create a vertical slope look left just past it and under a large chunk of concrete for the box planted on **3.14**.


By the way, next year 12-13-14 is on a Saturday.

Listed at 9:10 am on 11/12/13.