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Professor, I Don't Wanna LbNA #65866

Plant date:Sep 21, 2013
City:Walnut Ridge
Found by: Triple R
Last found:Apr 21, 2024
Last edited:May 30, 2020
My plan was to hide 2 letterboxes on the Williams Baptist College Campus, but the landscaping is too perfect to find a good, safe spot. So, I planted this and another box close-by.

Walnut Ridge is an interesting rural area, highly influenced by a 1964 visit by the Beetles. Yes, those Beetles. While in the area, be sure to visit Beetles Park and Guitar Walk just off Abbey Road. Yes, that Abbey Road namesake. :) Walnut Ridge is the site of a popular, annual Beetles Festival.

Clues to the Box: Austin Cemetery is located behind the small Walnut Ridge Park, which is across the street from 714 Lawrence Rd. Enter the Cemetery, and drive straight on the right side to the back of the Cemetery. Park close to Lora Davis, just 21 years old when she passed. To the right, (in the direction of the barbed wide fence) are 2 beach-ball sized rocks with flowers and bushes around them. The box is in front of the front big rock, tucked underneath and covered by a small flat rock and some dirt.
(Finders report that the bushes and flowers are gone, and you have to dig down under the rock to find the box.)

Hike length: 0.1 miles