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Batiquitos Lagoon LbNA #6504 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Nov 22, 2003
County:San Diego
Planted by:Buzzard Contact Inactive
Found by: Kelsung
Last found:Jun 17, 2012
Last edited:Dec 27, 2015
Letterbox adopted by Buzzard. Originally planted by the Hutter Family of Carlsbad.

Take Interstate 5 to Poinsettia Lane proceeding east to Batiquitos Drive. Go south on Batiquitos to Gabbiano Lane. Turn right on Gabbiano and park at the end of street at the Batiquitos Lagoon Trailhead. Follow the paved path to the visitors center. Here you can get a copy of the self-guided tour pamphlet and doggie bags (if you brought your pooch). Continue on where the trail becomes dirt and follows the lagoon shoreline. Watch the trail marker posts and when you get to No. 7 look for the trail spur guarded by the turtle and the snake. Follow this spur (heading 340°) and at the sign, stop and read about the California least tern (the sign is still there, but is currently unreadable; it will eventually be replaced). Continue up the hill and at the concrete bench keep to the right. At the crest of the hill you will find two benches perfectly situated to take in the view of the lagoon and surrounding neighborhood. Go ahead and sit and catch your breath. Now, turn back down the hill from which you came and take 160 adult paces. At that point take a heading of 280° under the canopy of branches and proceed up the hill. At the next fork in the trail, go left. Follow the trail to the rise with a clear view to the west of lagoon and Pacific Ocean. There will be a line of eucalyptus trees trending northwest to southeast along the ridgeline. With your back to the most northwesterly tree, proceed at a 70° heading to the prickly pear cactus. From the cactus take 6 adult paces at a 150° heading. Then turn to 80° and take 9 adult paces. The letterbox is hidden under the shrub on your right beneath a covering of bark. As always, check for snakes and other critters before reaching under the shrub. Please re-hide the box as well as possible and have fun!