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Arizona Mystery No. 1 LbNA #6483

Owner:Azroadie Contact
Plant date:Nov 19, 2003
Found by: ???
Last found:Oct 31, 2015
Last edited:Nov 2, 2015
Stamp hand-carved
Status: Alive and well on October 31, 2015

Go to the land of the Gadsden Purchase. Go to the county named for a tribe and language of the native peoples of that land. Go to a gigantic hole in a mountain with a legend of robbers’ loot. There is a fee to enter this high relief playground. Hungry explorers spread their repast at "the little forest" (in Spanish).

Walk to the most southerly flat concrete slab on legs; then go east a short distance down. Turn against the natural flow. Continue on the bottom passing a grove of at least seven large Saguaros on top of the short cliff on the left. After passing the Saguaro grove, continue up the main wash (straight or slightly to right) for about 69 more steps to a very large pinkish boulder on the right side of the wash caressed by a large dead prostrate tree. From the boulder, go up the short steep slope at about 118 degrees (from mag. north) for about 26 steps to the first Mesquite Tree of three Mesquite Trees close together in a row. From that first Mesquite Tree, go at about 160 degrees (from mag. north) for about 21 steps to a large Mesquite Tree almost loved to death by Mistletoe and with a Prickly Pear cactus growing on its branches. The box is at the tree's base on its east side under a flat rock and some twigs and plant debris. Be alert for snakes and scorpions.

Please please be sure the contents are double ziplocked when you put them back in the box (i.e. the stamp is in a ziploc, the book is in a ziploc, and the two are in the larger ziploc bag). Please rehide the box very well under the rock, twigs and plant debris so that it can not be seen from any direction.

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