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Inverted Jenny LbNA #64616

Owner:Nature Hikers Contact
Plant date:May 24, 2013
City:San Jose
County:Santa Clara
Found by: R&D
Last found:Jun 18, 2016
Last edited:Nov 21, 2015
**This letterbox is back in place as of 13APR14**

The Inverted Jenny was a famously misprinted stamp with the airmail biplane printed upside down. Although technically, since the plane was printed first, it is actually the border that is upside down. To find our Inverted Jenny, locate another airplane in San Jose that is a little "off-kilter". It has it's own local history of aeronautical interest.

From the airplane's uppermost wing, locate the nearest telephone pole which stands among a group of trees. All of the trees are the same species, except one. It is at the base of that tree that you will find the Inverted Jenny.

NOTE: Blue and Red markers are recommended.

Hike length: 0.1 miles