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MOON BOX LbNA #63906

Plant date:Jan 19, 2013
Location: Phoenix Mountain Preserve
Found by: Ocotillo5
Last found:May 8, 2016
Last edited:Oct 25, 2015

Go to the Phoenix Mountain Preserve located at 40th Street and Shea.
Look for the trail map and sign at the far end of the parking lot (farthest from the restrooms). You will see a brown sign indicating the trail.
Take the path to the left of the sign.
You will see a large palo verde on the right.
Follow along the rock river bed to the left.
Ahead, you will see a yellow triangle sign. Do not pass it.
To the left is a tall embankment. Turn to face it.
You will notice a small, scrawny palo verde tree.
Directly behind it, you can see a telephone pole.
Slightly to the right of the palo verde, in the embankment is a large hole approximately at eye level.
The box is hidden here under some twigs and small stones.
Please replace everything carefully.

Before leaving the Preserve, you might want to look for HAPPY FACE (you are already 2/3 of the way there). Other boxes hidden in the Preserve are: Strawberry, Mariposa, and Flower Box.