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Seton Ridge Trail LbNA #63884

Plant date:Jun 30, 2012
County:British Columbia, CAN
State:British Columbia, Canada
Planted by:Gold Country
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jun 30, 2012
Crown Land
From the Mile 0 cairn on Main Street follow Hwy 99 South on the Duffey Lake Road for 19.5 km and turn right on Seton Ridge Forstery Service Road. Cross the bridge over Cayoosh Creek, and continue on about 6 km to flat area on the left. Trail is adequately marked with flagging tape. 4x4 with high

Park in pull out. Trail starts to your left.

From trail head hike up trail for 2.3km to the first look out of Seton Lake where the trail is not as steep. Hidden just off the trail.

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