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Christmas Tree Pass LbNA #63767

Owner:Tepee-AZ Contact
Plant date:Jan 3, 2013
Found by: 66gypsies
Last found:Jun 11, 2017
Last edited:Nov 16, 2015
New directions for the replaced and replanted box on June 25, 2013. After reading the history of the Piute Indians, cross the cattle guard. Look to the south fence and spot the SPOR resting at the bottom of the fence post.

As of May 29, 2013, this box is missing. As soon as a new one is put together, I will update.

About 2.3 miles south of the town of Cal Nev Ari on Hwy 95 is the entrance to Christmas Tree Pass. Stop to read the history of the area and the Piute Indians. The box that you seek is beneath the diagonal fence.