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Moon over Little Grand Canyon LbNA #63726

Owner:moc4 Contact
Plant date:Dec 30, 2012
Location: Providence Canyon State Park
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Dec 30, 2012
Providence Canyon State Park is known as the “Little Grand Canyon”. You can Google or read about it on the web:
This box is hidden in canyon #3. Wear hiking shoes/boot that you don’t mind getting wet. If you have never been to this state park, it will seem like it is in the middle of nowhere. But many people seem to find it and are always there hiking and picnicking on any given day. Due to funding, there is no longer park staff on site, nor are the visitor/interpretive center open. But there are bathrooms available (maintained) and park maps.
To find the box: Drive to the Interpretive Center (which is no longer open) and get a map. Bathrooms and vending machines can be found here. Take water and whatever snacks you would like. Begin your hike on the trail behind the interpretive center and hike .25 miles to the floor of the canyon. At the bottom, turn left and hike “upstream” till you see signs for canyons 1-3. Also use your map. Follow the trail to canyon 3. Hike all the way to the back of canyon 3 watching for a tall peak on your left. Once you are at the end of the trail in canyon 3, you will be near the base of the tall peak. Look to your right and you will see a white “tower” of sandstone/limestone. Climb the hill towards it, and there will be one large pine tree on your left. To the right of this pine tree, about 2.5 feet is a large rock. The box is hidden at the back of this rock, with several small rocks piled on it. As is always the case, use a stick or something to uncover it, in case some animal has decided to make a home in this same spot.  Open the box, add your info to the pages in the box with your stamp, and then use the provided stamp to add to your book. Be sure to reseal the pages in the plastic bag provided and securely close all tabs on the box lid. Before you leave the park, be sure to visit canyons 4 and 5, they have the best canyons!!
Let me know if the box needs attendance!