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The Haunted box LbNA #63619

Plant date:Dec 1, 2012
Planted by:The Foxridgers Contact Inactive
Found by: JampersandJ
Last found:Feb 15, 2014
Last edited:Dec 1, 2012
In Henderson Nevada there are multiplue haunted parks. Well only 1 stands out. In this park there are swings which are home to the ghost of a little boy who likes to swing late at night. It seems that the ghostly youngster doesn't like to be bothered while swinging. If you look him in the eyes his face turns into a "demon" and he vanishes. I can tell you that the park is haunted by the boy who was killed by a drunk driver. The boy's name is unknown and a woman who was killed by an axe. The boy plays on the swings and the lady walks the perimeter of the park looking for her kids.

First you will need to find this park to begin your journey for the hunt. Begin at the haunted swings, and start walking towareds the bathroom. Keep walking on the path towards the wall. Go right on the path and follow the wall, till you see the 2 red hand prints near the end of the wall. Keep walking till you find the split in the path and go left. You will see shrubs and plants on the left and right side of the path. Look to your right and you will see a little path made of rocks. If you reach the street you have gone too far. Now look carefuly in the back of the big plants, where the path leads into. And if the little boy lets you, you have reached the box. If you find the box, great job. You might also want to stay the night and look for the ghost on the swing. Happy haunting.... I mean Hunting!