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Indian Rock Bowls LbNA #62874

Plant date:Jul 25, 2012
Location: Portola Picnic Area
Planted by:VFO Contact Inactive
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jul 25, 2012
You’ll find this letterbox at the Portola Picnic Area, east of Portola. From highway 70 eastbound, turn right onto Rocky Point Road and follow the signs to the picnic area. After parking, take the dirt path to the left of the restroom building (not the marked trail at the right of the parking lot). You’ll see a large outcropping of rocks. Walk around the left side of these, heading toward the river.

Look for a large, low, almost flat rock with two very obvious grinding bowls on its surface. These bowls known as “mortars,” were used by members of the Mountain Maidu tribe to grind seeds and acorns. Standing behind this rock, facing the river ahead, look over your right shoulder. You’ll see a young tree growing out of the group of rocks.

Take 11 paces toward that tree. Look for a small rock at its base. Remove the rock and brush away some of the pine needles. The letterbox is hidden here.