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Historic Oaklawn Gardens LbNA #62826

Owner:DS Contact Inactive
Plant date:Aug 12, 2012
Location: 7831 Old Poplar Pike, Germantown, TN
Found by: mamasama
Last found:Sep 1, 2012
Last edited:Aug 12, 2012
Oaklawn Gardens is a privately owned botanical garden, park and museum located at 7831 Old Poplar Pike in Germantown, Tennessee. A historic residential home, erected by the original landowner in 1854, is situated on the property. Historic items relevant to local cultural history, as well as railroad, farming and local traffic history are on display in the indoor and outdoor museum exhibit of Oaklawn Garden. On the site is located Germantown's first jail, and it's 1942 fire engine. Other interesting historic memorabilia are located throughout the grounds. The Oaklawn Gardens park and museum are free and open to the public, but donations are welcome.

To find the box, park outside the fence and walk toward the house on the driveway.
After viewing the above jail and fire truck, stand facing the house with your back to your car, and turn to your left, and start walking throughout the interesting collection of local historical objects. Continue all the way to the left until you get to the 2 train cars located on the far left of the property. With your back to the house and facing the train cars, turn right and start walking along the tree line, keeping the trees in the tree line to your left, walk up a little include and continue around until you see the multi-trunk tree just a couple of steps into the tree line. The box is in the middle of this bundle of 6 or so trees.