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Squirrel's Nest LbNA #62506

Plant date:Jul 13, 2012
Location: Pioneer Park
City:Nevada City
Planted by:The Four Elements Contact Inactive
Found by: fleetwood7
Last found:Sep 23, 2012
Last edited:Jul 13, 2012
This box is planted for our beautiful son on his 2nd birthday. He love s squirrels, and all the forest critters. We love you Levi! Happy Birthday!

Directions to Pioneer Park, Nevada City, CA
Nevada City is located just north of Grass Valley, about 40 minutes north of Auburn, CA on Hwy 49. From Hwy 49 headed north, take the Broad St. exit. Turn right on Boulder St., right on Park St., and follow through the stop to the parking area (right on Max Solara Dr. just past the baseball diamond on the east side of the park). This is the parking area on Deer Creek, and for the picnic area.

By foot pass through the gate to the picnic area…do not cross the creek for the troll under the bridge charges a fee. I know not what, for I do not talk with trolls, only fairies. Follow the path upstream along Deer Creek. Keep along the creek. Pass the uprooted tree and continue back until you reach a collection of large boulders. Look for the boulder with the cut out. Two trees of three (minus the widow maker) will help to mark the spot.
From here, follow the path through the boulders 22 steps. There will be a small trail to your right. Carefully take 9-10 steps down to the landing. Turn yourself 180 degrees, so you are facing the direction from which you came. You will see a house in the distance. Go back 2 big steps to a place that is comfortable to stand. Be discreet, the park can be busy, and the residents may get suspicious…the squirrel nest lies beneath a rock just in front of you (if it was a snake, it would have bit you). Please take the box to another location to stamp, and return to the nest just as you have found it.