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Yarrow's Meadow LbNA #62415

Owner:The Four Elements Contact
Plant date:Jun 16, 2012
City:Neveda City
Location: Zeibright Road
Found by: The Northerner
Last found:Jul 16, 2013
Last edited:Jun 16, 2012
Directions to Yarrow’s Meadow (Bear River Valley)
From Nevada City/Grass Valley: Drive east on Hwy 49 from Grass Valley to Nevada City. Hwy 49 turns left here, while the road you are on becomes Hwy 20. Continue on Hwy 20 headed east 21.5 miles, (just over 5 miles from the scenic overlook, not to be confused with the vista point) to Zeibright Road. If you get to Bowman Lake Road you went too far. There are other fun letterboxes along the roadside on your way, check them out. Turn right on Zeibright Road and park in the very first parking area you see. This is where your journey begins.
From Interstate 80: Take the Hwy 20 exit and head west (This is approximately ½ hour east of Auburn, CA and 20 minutes west of Donner Summit). Bear River Valley is approximately 5 minutes from this turnoff, just about a half mile past Bowman Lake Road. Make a left on Zeibright Road and park in the very first parking area you see.
In beautiful Bear River Valley it is easy to spend the day exploring, wading in the river, enjoying a picnic, viewing the wildlife and wildflowers. In Spring and early Summer you can find lovely Mariposa Lily, Pussy Ear Lily, lupine, mules ear, corn lily, clover, buttercup, yellow dock…and in honor of our dear friend Yarrow’s 2nd Birthday, you can find Yarrow. Happy Birthday Beautiful!
The valley is public land. Enjoy! The valley also has plenty of tall grass. We found it best to wear long pants as part of the treck involves walking off trail. This walk will take at least 20 minutes, is mostly flat, includes climbing on rocks, is fun and was all done with my 5 year old and 2 year old (in backpack). The level of difficulty is easy/moderate. This letterbox is not accessible in the winter months due to snow.
From the parking area, look for the 2 green gates with a pedestrian entrance to the right. There is a sign that says off road use prohibited. This is your starting point. Go through the gate and follow the 4wd trail. Hike beyond the old fence posts to a point that the trail stops. From here head to the island of rock in the sea of grass. You will see a small birdhouse on a lone post. Say hello to the birds. You will then need to scramble to the top of your island. From your vantage point atop this rock outcropping, find the uprooted tree (with roots in-tact). The treasure you seek is hidden within the roots under a pile of rocks.
If you choose to make a day of this outing, be sure to check out and enjoy any of the following:
Grouse Ridge and Bowman Lake
The Yuba River
The Bear River
Eagle Peak