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Fishing Spot #4 LbNA #62141

Owner:SnakeDoctor Contact
Plant date:Jun 11, 2012
City:Lake Havasu City / Parker
Location: Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge
Found by: Trishee
Last found:Aug 21, 2015
Last edited:Jun 11, 2012
Located in Mohave AND LaPaz County between mile markers 160 & 161 on Hwy 95. When I first started creating the box there was only a dirt road that turned into the gated area that housed the BWWRefuge. When I planted the box this morning I see that the turn in road is now black topped!

If you are coming from LHC you'll turn right into the park. Coming in from Parker you'll turn left into the park. Keep an eye out as you're driving for the "Bill Williams Wildlife Refuge" sign and turn accordingly.

Follow the road and look for signs directing you to either the kayak or canoe launch or the fishing access. Head to the left towards the fishing access parking area. After you park your vehicle, head towards the kiosk. While standing at the right side of the kiosk you'll see that there's a cemented path that goes off to the right and a dirt path that heads off to the left then joins a red cement path. The dirt path is the you want to take.

Follow the path as it heads out onto the peninsula.

The wildlife out here is amazing. While we were walking the path we got to see a couple of turkey vultures in flight as if to make sure we weren't coming near their nest.

Continue walking, notice that you're now crossing over a bridge of sorts, and up a slight incline until the path dead ends at the restrooms. You can choose to go to the right out onto the fishing dock facing Bill Williams River (GREAT catfish fishing here!) or to the left for a fishing dock in a bay. You'll want to take a left. This path snakes down towards the bay docks. Near the end of the path (and to the left before you get to the docks) you'll see a "high voltage" box. Stand at that box with your back to the docks and facing towards the bricked wall. Take 7 paces along the wall and you'll spot your "fishing" box under a S.P.O.R.
Be careful of critters and prying eyes.

Also make sure that you look for the Bill Williams Parker Az box.