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Katniss Everdeen: Girl on Fire LbNA #61897

Plant date:May 24, 2012
City:Fullerton, CA
Found by: MrOspital
Last found:Jul 5, 2013
Last edited:May 24, 2012
Hint- drop the j from the alphabet key

lk tz rk lf sp wf bt
ce ec hf wm tb fn
oq dm hv

Head east on the dirt trail, staying left to stay on main trail. You will pass horses to the left, a wood bridge on the right, and another horse on the left.

After crossing the large black stripe, count 99 steps from the white gate to a metal circle. Then count 100 more steps to the next circle. Finally 55 more to a fallen log on the right. Look under the Northeast edge.

Hike Length: 2.43 miles