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this ain't Kansas LbNA #61684

Plant date:May 11, 2012
Location: Cickadee trail
Planted by:just foraging Contact Inactive
Found by: K&K (5)
Last found:May 24, 2016
Last edited:May 11, 2012
I was told a pace is two steps, clues below are counted in steps where they say paces.

This is a pleasant hike with rolling ups and downs with the exception of the list bit which is quite steep, bring a lunch to enjoy by the lake and even a fishing pole if you like, it is about an hour round trip.

Bring black, red, green and blue markers.

make your way to twin lakes road via highway 20, take patterson lake road, on your right or left depending on which way you come from.

Follow road around lake and up passed cabin to Thompson Ridge Road and the Chickadee trail head, keep to the left and park in the far right corner, walk up to the open field and find “the war of the frogs and cranes”.

With this to your back take the first chickadee trail to your left, behind the shed.

Careful at night, there are lions and tigers and bears on my.

From the tree with the orange diamond and black arrow continue forward down trail 120 paces, look to the left, around 15 yards in you will see a large straight red barked tree, Dorothy hides behind it under needles and sticks.

But oh my, her basket is empty, were is Toto, goodness gracious, continue 5 paces, look to the left, 10 yards in for fallen tree stumps, look behind the longest of them for Toto.
, part of the trunk base curves up, about a foot, almost like the bow of a boat.

Now the lion is a coward so we better find him, continue down chickadee, cross the spring and take a left onto cabin trail, walk a minute or two till you are in an area shaded by tall trees, look @20 yards up to the right and spot the largest tree stump, look under needles and sticks.

Scare crows not to bright, not having a brain and all so he could be anywhere, in know, walk 320 paces, look to your left to see a large, long straight fallen tree just before a hill, ½ way down this tree is a small stump that it would seem the larger tree fell on, you can not see the stump from the trail, you will have to walk up to the tree, by the small stump find scarecrow.

Have a heart, continue 154 paces down, just as you start up hill, on the right, around 3 yards in see a large boulder around 2.5 to 3 foot high with a smaller boulder in front of it, by know you should be able to see the lake behind them and a clearing up trail, look behind the largest rock for tin man.

No we would like to go see the wizard but the wicked witch of the west is trying to stop us with flying monkeys, let’s get him.

Continue 170 paces, passing though the clearing to the first large tree on your left after the clearing, with more of that red bark, look behind the tree under stuff, you’ll have to move some brush aside to get there.

Now for that nasty old witch, continue 110 paces to Patterson lake trail, take a right onto the trail and go down then up, passed the 1st blue diamond, and the 2nd and 3rd, as you start down hill look to the left for a large split rock, about the size where you found tin man, look around to the right of it, under it behind rocks.

Congratulations, we’re of to see the wizard. Continue past the 4th blue diamond, you are looking down to your left for a beaten path straight down to the lake, it is just past a fallen tree, @8 inches in diameter that fell across the trail and was cut in half.

Take this path almost to the lake, look right foe a tree with 2 smaller trees flanking it and a large rock in the middle of the three trees, look between the rock and the tree.

Thank you finding every one, no sit down, have lunch and enjoy the lake, great fishing too.