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The Gemini Unicorns LbNA #61584

Owner:The Gemini Unicorns
Plant date:Jan 1, 2024
Location: Vasquez Rocks
County:Los Angeles
Planted by:The Megans
Found by: The Herkies
Last found:Mar 28, 2024
Last edited:Jan 1, 2024
Go to Vasquez Rocks State Park and drive to the parking lot nearest the large rock face next to the portable restroom and gate. This is the second to the last parking lot. There will be a yellow gate to the right of the restrooms. Go through the yellow gate, turn left, and follow the road towards the large rock face. It's under a juniper tree that is on the left side of the large rock face. The box is at GSP coordinates 34.482951 degrees N and 118.313347 degrees West. It will be hidden beneath the far side of the juniper tree under a large rock. You can use both sides of the stamp.