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9/11 10-Year Anniversary LbNA #61055

Owner:cruzin Contact
Plant date:Aug 27, 2011
Location: 10701 Shoultes Road
Found by: Ninedressers
Last found:Mar 28, 2013
Last edited:Aug 27, 2011
Drive to:
10701 Shoultes Road, Marysville WA.

This address will bring you to a Marysville Fire Department, Station 62. (A famliy member is a fire fighter :)) Park in the parking lot and try to find a spot close to Old Glory. Once you park, get out of your car and walk to the front door of the fire department. Face Old Glory and walk along the sidewalk to the right of Old Glory. Pass some Rhododendron bushes and stop at Old Glory. See a tall, skinny tree ahead of you and walk towards it. This is a lonely tree, so the letterbox keeps it company by being nestled in a low branch of a Rhododendron bush just behind the tree. Don't let muggles see you! And as always, please re-hide well.

Happy Hunting!