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Alaska Bound LbNA #61

Plant date:Jun 30, 2003
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jun 30, 2003
This is a migratory letterbox that began life on the rocky shores of New England. It has since made its way west, with a sojourn in Southern California, a stop in the Pacific Northwest and has since moved on to its redd in Alaska.

Find your way to “The End of the Road”
Where your adventure will have its beginning
Fly, paddle or sail on The Danny J
Across the blue waters where salmon are swimming

There is a tiny island
Where artists and fisherman play
The Land of Jewel and Halibut
Opposite sides of Smoky Bay

Visitors are welcome to explore this lovely cove
There are galleries and boardwalks
And then a gravel bar
It connects the island together
Now, your treasure isn’t far

Ignore the sign for “Residence Only”
And continue down the trail

You will come to a little studio
With someone working or maybe not
What you are seeking is on the porch
Not the boats or floats or crab pots

Footnote: This location is fairly remote and is only available May 1-Sept 1. (Clue by YeeHa YaYa, Box by Legerdemaine)