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Highland Heifer LbNA #60788

Owner:The Olde Oak
Plant date:Feb 14, 2012
Location: Nicasio Reservoir
Found by: geckonia
Last found:Feb 7, 2022
Last edited:Feb 14, 2012
From the highlands of Scotland come these wonderful cattle. Here’s some interesting reading on this ancient and hardy breed:

Wend your way over the pretty west Marin/Sonoma hills and dales until you reach the much mentioned, maligned, and recently redecorated porta-potty. Who has ever known bravery sufficient to enter this monument to ugliness one wonders? Not I. It would require a desperation I hope never in this life to endure.

Anyway, sally forth over the land bridge until you reach the Scottish isle of castles, ticks and letterboxes. You can proceed left or right after the land bridge. Sometimes the trail is quite clear and sometimes not. Follow the path to the left vaguely walking along the shore, although the shore is not always in direct sight. Eventually you should note a cluster of boulders on your right, none huge, but nonetheless noticeable. Make your way there and sight 170 degrees. Walk approximately 40 to 42 steps; in front of you should lie two boulders, one larger than the other. Go to this larger boulder. On the south side, slightly under the boulder and covered by rocks I hope you will find the Highland Heifer Letterbox.

Thank you for coming. If the initial directions make no sense please see beginning directions to Mary, Queen of Scots, paragraph three.