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Ski Tahoe LbNA #60693

Owner:Baby Bear Supporter
Plant date:Jan 28, 2012
City:South Lake Tahoe
County:El Dorado
Location: Emerald Bay Vista Point
Found by: CrazyCar
Last found:Jul 16, 2013
Last edited:Jan 28, 2012
Difficulty: Easy
Distance to box: 50 yards (depends on snow)

The Ski Tahoe microbox is located near the great ski haven of Lake Tahoe, but at one of the most scenic sites - Emerald Bay. Great views from Vista Park, and you can go a little further and park then hike down to castle, or continue further to overlook on other side of bay.

From South Lake Tahoe, take Hwy 89 north along the lakes egde until you reach Vista Point on the right. In summer can pull in parking lot. In winter people park along road.

To the Microbox:
Walk to the restrooms (there are 2, so pick ones on left) with cider block front. Go to left side, near entry to bathroom. Look left for lone big tree a few steps away. Go to that tree, and box is between it and the rock next to it, under edge of the rock.