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Sonic Drive-In LbNA #60691

Owner:RIFamily Contact
Plant date:Jan 29, 2012
Found by: ucanniego
Last found:Feb 3, 2017
Last edited:Dec 28, 2015
We love Sonic! Ah, Happy Hour yummy drinks! Ah, foot-longs! Ah, tasty breakfast! "Are you gonna eat your tots?"

Find the Sonic Drive-In in Vacaville. The parking lot half Sonic and half Park and Ride. Go to the northern side of the lot (the side opposite the Sonic building). Find the light pole marked B1400. Lift up the base of the pole (watch for bugs that sometimes like to give in these!). Find the baggie letterbox. Be sure to close it up carefully when you are done.

Please let me know the condition of the box and log book. I am long distance and will be relying on a local friend to help me with maintenance.

First finder gets the added benefit of a hitchhiker!