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Three Rivers Park LbNA #59770

Owner:The Crabby B's Contact Inactive
Plant date:Oct 9, 2011
Location: Three Rivers Park, Jacks Bridge Road
Found by: Team Rogue
Last found:Jun 16, 2024
Last edited:Oct 9, 2011
Three Rivers Park
Easy short walk

From the junction of routes 6 and 47, take Rt 47 approximately one mile.  Take a left onto Jack's Bridge Road. Cross over bridge and you will find the parking lot for Three Rivers Park on the left.  Park and take the trail that is running parallel to the Weekeepeemee River.  The park is named after the three rivers that connect where you will find your treasure.  The park is heavily used so be sure to be descreet when stamping.  As you walk on the path you will notice a bench on the left in honor of Lion Mel Snyder.  From the bench, continue straight along side the river.  Do not take the right turn.  Next you will come upon debris on the right that at one time was the bridge you crossed over on Jack's Bridge Road.  On the left you will see the two rivers; Weekeepeemee River and the Nonnewaug River, coming together to form one river named the Pomperaug River.  Among the debris you will see a rock with a circular hole drilled into it.  At the base of this rock you will find a stone hiding the box.  Please rehide  the box the way you found it. You can continue to enjoy an easy scenic walk next to the river.