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Golden Anniversary - Ship LbNA #59620

Plant date:Aug 2, 2011
Location: Ketchikan port
County:Ketchikan Gateway
Planted by:JoSpeech
Found by: Koshka
Last found:May 19, 2013
Last edited:Sep 18, 2015
Golden Anniversary – Ship
This letterbox is 1 of 4 placed while on a cruise celebrating my parents Golden wedding anniversary. All stamps were carved by their 15 year old grandson. Please help take care of the box as we do not live in Alaska.

Ketchikan Alaska near port.

Box is outside the SE Alaska discovery center building.
Find the Alaska Geographic bookstore.
Near corner of small patio stand where you can see Salmon landing marketplace and a bench by large fir tree.
Look where large long bench abuts building – at ground level and hidden by rocks.