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North Nanaimo Trail Mix LbNA #59524

Plant date:Aug 31, 2011
Location: Starts at Harry Wipper Park
County:British Columbia, CAN
State:British Columbia, Canada
Planted by:Boris the Spider 7
Found by: viguy
Last found:Jun 10, 2013
Last edited:Aug 31, 2011
1. Start at the Harry Wipper parking lot.
2. Head a bit north up the road till you see another trail to your right that seems parallel to Walley Creek Trail (it looks like it is gated by large boulders).
3. Walk up the trail till you see a fallen tree; the tree is pointing to an alternate trail at the left.
4. Walk up this trail till you see a rocky area on your right.
5. Walk up onto the rocky "plateau". The cache is located on this "plateau". Now you have to find it yourself.

It is a rather smelly smoothie mix container. All we could find around was a simple bird stamp, but this trail is a lot of fun.

Please enjoy!