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Chief LB LbNA #59385

Owner:Baby Bear Contact
Plant date:Aug 20, 2011
County:Alberta, CAN
State:Alberta, Canada
Found by: Blue J
Last found:Oct 8, 2011
Last edited:Aug 20, 2011
Difficulty: Easy
Distance to Letterbox: 1/4 mile oneway

The "Chief LB" letterbox is located near the airport in Calgary, at a small roadside park. Great little stopping place if riding bikes or wanting to walk after meal at hotels.

From Hwy 2, go east on McNight to Pegasus Rd. Go left, then right staying on Pegasus to the vary end turning circle. Park in circle.

To the Letterbox:
Find trail on left side of circle(bike path also). Take it. At first junction, go right, then quick left at next junction. Walk past trees, white tanks, and "Hats off..." sign. Before picnic tables, find the wooden sign on left ("the realtor Grove"). go to the back side of sign, then on to the closest spruce tree. Box at back side base.