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Gold Cord Lake LbNA #59232

Plant date:Aug 14, 2011
Location: Independence Mine
Planted by:Trail Thrashin' Tots
Found by: Trail Thrashin' Tots
Last found:Aug 18, 2011
Last edited:Oct 8, 2015
This is a fantastic hike. The views are spectacular, and it's only about a mile up out of the Independence Mine Parking lot. From Palmer, AK take the Glenn Highway out to Palmer-Fishook road. Turn left, and follow it up to the end of the pavement at Independence Mine. There is a $5 parking fee, and you have to park in the lot to the left. The trailhead is at the end of the pavement straight ahead from the park entrance. Come prepared for dramatic changes in the weather and wild animals that could eat you. Be sure to check out the visitors center and mining ruins.

Head up to Lynch Cabin and check out the sink.
It could be in there, but it's not where you'd think.
You'd stop and you'd look, but you musn't stay long.
The babbling waters are singing your song.
Up at the lake, to the left of deep blues,
is where you must stand to discover more clues.
Venture those switchbacks, but be mindful of rocks.
They could make you slip or get into your socks.
Once you conquer those zigs, the trail splinters and jigs.
It's so close now, under rocks and some twigs.
Look for a huge boulder as the trail bends around.
You'll find it in front, down so low to the ground.
But which of the boulders? You may want to ask.
There are too many for guessing this task.
Find one so huge, and so grand, and so tall,
with a small splintered fragment as thick as a wall.
One trail cuts between them, now this marks the place.
It's under pink granite at the angled front face.