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Star of my Heart LbNA #58965

Plant date:Jul 22, 2011
Location: Anderson
Planted by:Harthaven Contact Inactive
Found by: TheScribe
Last found:Jan 4, 2013
Last edited:Jul 22, 2011
Travel on I-5 to Anderson, CA.
If heading North, take exit #668 toward Central Anderson. (McMurry Dr./Balls Ferry Rd.)
Turn right on Balls Ferry Rd.
Turn Left on Stingy Lane.
Turn Right on Rupert Road.

Just before Rupert turns along the river, there is a parking lot on the left. Park here. Along the river is a boat ramp.

On the River bank beside the boat ramp is a well worn path. Follow the path to the end and enjoy the view. There is a single tree at the end of the path. Turn and walk back, counting the second, then the third large tree. Beneath that tree is your prize.